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News and Current Events

2016 Presidential Primary Election

Plainfield's primary election results are posted.

2015 Annual Town Report

The text of the 2015 Town Report is now available.

Scam Alerts!

All residents can help by making sure your elderly friends and relatives are informed!

The entire Upper Valley has been bombarded with several scams over the past week. Most prevalent are the IRS scams saying they will be filing a suit against you if you don't pay immediately. Please hang up if you get one of these calls. You can report scam calls to the NH IRS at (603) 668-6763. For more information, see

The second scam is the Publishers Clearing House scam. Please remember, you should not have to pay money to win money!! A legitimate sweepstakes will deduct taxes and fees from any winnings. Scammers will often ask you to send money over Western Union or through the use of prepaid green dot or debit cards. Don't do it!

Please contact Plainfield PD at (603) 469-3344 before you send any money to anyone who contacts you by phone or email. Find ways to protect yourself from scams on the Plainfield Police web page.