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The Plainfield Energy Committee was organized to encourage energy conservation, energy efficiency practices and to promote the use of renewable energy in homes, businesses and public buildings through education and community outreach.

The Energy Committee is open to any and all interested Plainfield residents! The group is fluid and evolving and people can be involved just for one specific project or for all of the work that is done.

Thus far the committe has worked with the UNH Pollution Prevention Program, the EPA, and local energy providers to benchmark the energy use in Plainfield's municipal buildings, school, and libraries. Click here for a summary of that effort. The Community Energy Challenge Final Report is available here.

For those who are  “Buttoned Up”  and ready to install solar energy, we are happy to announce that the team of Plainfield and Cornish will be part of the“Solarize Upper Valley” program which is sponsored by Vital Communities. This program promises to make solarization projects available at  competitive costs due to economies of scale. We will be negotiating with solar installers in late February  and be ready to  arrange site visits by the time of Town Meeting in mid-March.  We expect to be offering both solar PV (photovoltaic or electricity-generating) and solar hot water options;  a site visit will help  determine what kind of system and what capacity might be best for you without committing you in any way.

In the meantime we will post information on this webpage so check here for updates and information about solar energy.   You can also follow the Vital Communities web page on this subject and sign up to receive emails at that site.

If you are interested in signing up to consider a solar installation, contact any member of the PEC.  If you have solar already and would like to be an “Ambassador” - share your knowledge and enthusiasm and consider showing your system(s) to others - please let us know.

Your Solarize Plainfield Team includes Allan Ferguson, Michael O’Leary, Ron Eberhardt, Steve Ladd, Frank Perotti and Nancy Mogielnicki.

Workshops and Events

Solarize Cornish-Plainfield Workshop-- Tuesday, April 22nd, 6-8 PM
There will be a Solarize Workshop on Earth Day, April 22nd at the Cornish Town Hall , 6-8 PM.  Solar Source will be present and we will have information about financing a solar system as well as a Solarize update.

Solarize Open Houses
Visit your neighbors who have already installed solar panels and who have agreed to show their systems and answer questions.
  • Saturday, April 26, 2-5 PM
    Taylors, 158 Freeman Road, Plainfield
  • Saturday, May 3, 12-3
    Scotts, 91 Beauty Hill Road, Plainfield
  • Saturday, May 10, 9-11 AM
    Rybeck-Lynds, 181 Bean Road, Meriden
  • Saturday, May 17, 1-3 PM
    Sutherlands, 823 Rte. 12A, Plainfield
  • Saturday, May 24, 9-11 AM
    Perotti, 478 Stage Road, Plainfield

Wooden Window Restoration
Many of us in Plainfield live in old houses with wooden windows that have become leaky and ill-fitting over the centuries. Frustrated with the draftiness and aware that fuel bill dollars are flying out these cracks, many of us become resigned to the idea that our windows must be replaced. Surprisingly, wood window restoration is an appealing alternative; in terms of durability, energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental benefits and preservation of historical character and craft, wood window restoration with the addition of energy-efficient storm windows may be a more sustainable option.

Several window restorers will be coming to Plainfield during the month of February to evaluate and provide estimates on our Town Hall windows in Meriden. If you would like to arrange a site visit at the same time, or would like to discuss the restoration process, contact a member of the Energy Committee.

For your information, here is a list of window restoration contractors and a list of resources about restoration.

Energy Committee Resources and Reports

Energy Conservation
See "Tips and Links" for energy conservation suggestions.
Energy Audit Reports Caution: Files are large! Original documents are available at the Town Office.>
Town Hall in Meriden (1mb)
Town Highway Garage (5mb)
Philip Read Memorial Library (6mb)
Energy Committee Meeting Minutes are below:
Minutes for 2014
Minutes for 2012
Minutes for 2011
Minutes for 2009-10
For further information:
Contact Nancy Mogielnicki by email.