Imagine what Plainfield would look like powered completely by renewable energy...

It is becoming increasingly evident that our current energy path is not sustainable. The Cornish and Plainfield Energy Committees have been exploring an ambitious yet attainable energy proposal that would entail moving our towns toward 100% renewable energy by 2050 in all sectors, including electricity, heat and transportation.

The future of energy is in renewables. Change is already happening, and the technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Let's get on board, be prepared for what is coming, and not find ourselves left behind.

Switching to renewable energy (solar, wind, small hydro, geothermal, biomass) can:
a. save us and our town money
b. bring us greater resiliency (from storms & fossil fuel price fluctuations)
c. make us more self sufficient.

This is a path that other towns and cities in NH and across the nation are adopting.

Find out what this would mean for you and our town, so that you can make an informed decision to vote for the following warrant article at Town Meeting in March, 2018.

A public presentation was held on Nov 14 at 7pm at the Plainfield Town Hall. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.

ARTICLE XXX: To see if the Town of Plainfield will vote to commit to a goal of 100% reliance on renewable sources of electricity by 2030 and renewable sources for all other energy needs, including for heating and transportation, by 2050. The impetus for this goal is to achieve the public benefits of protecting the economic, health and social well-being of our citizens; to reduce energy costs to the community and to keep energy dollars in the local economy; as well as to reduce the risks to the community associated with any future escalation in energy prices, and to address the threat of global climate change.

Committing to this goal implies that the Town of Plainfield will lead the community in initiatives designed to help local institutions, businesses and residents transition to 100% renewable sources of energy for electricity, transportation and heating.

In implementing this goal, priority will be given to the lowest cost measures to meet energy needs including efficiency, weatherization, building controls, automated lighting, solar-powered hot water heaters, decentralized electricity generation and smart grids/microgrids, group net metering and programs that create an energy-saving culture in Plainfield. Attention will be given to develop mechanisms to include low-income citizens in the benefits of renewable energy sources. The public will have opportunities and be encouraged to participate in the process for planning and implementation.

Here are some good videos that explain why Ready for 100% action is important

Click here for a 10 min. video in which Alan Jones from Sydney, Australia, Mayor Bob Dixon from Greensburg, KS, Mayor Rex Parris of Lancaster, CA, Bertram Fleck of Rhein-Hunsrueck County, Germany, and Gil Friend of Palo Alto, CA -- talk about 100% Renewable goals.

Click here for a 14 minute video in which Mayor Bob Dixon from Greensburg, KS speaks in detail about the town's transition to 100% renewable electricity.

Click here for a 4 minute video about Rebuilding Greensburg, KS -- all LEEDS zero energy homes & town buildings.

Click here for a 9 min. video which shows how a small town in Massachusetts, which has its own municipal utility, set up a grid-scale battery storage system. It is saving $400,000 in energy costs per year, has made the town more resilient, and the town will have paid off its installation costs in less than 7 years.

Click here for a 1 hour video entitled "Clean Disruption of Energy & Transportation" in which Stanford Professor and Entrepreneur, Tony Seba, discusses the economic & technological disruption that will bring about imminent global transformation in energy sources. This is a really interesting video!!!