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1pm-3pm and 2pm-4pm

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April 2



Beth Lum  12 Meeting House Rd, Cornish

Ron & Alice Eberhardt  80 Thrasher Rd, Plainfield

Frank Perotti &  Maura Hart  478 Stage Rd, Plainfield

We have a 6.1 kW All Earth Renewables, All Sun Tracker. In 2015
it produced a total of 9,688 kWh of electricity, about 90% of what
we used, including the electric car.! It is built in Williston, VT.
The installer is Revision Energy and it was constructed in October of 2014.



Nancy Wightman  211 Rte 120, Cornish

3kW, roof mounted by Solar Source, June 2014

Dick & Allison Colburn   41 Ferry Hill Rd, Plainfield

We have a 4.6 kW system. It is pole mounted, which means we can adjust
the tilt. There are two outback GFX inverters in a string configuration.
The installer was Sunworx, Dan Lebrun, and installation was completed in October
of 2014. It is a grid-tied solar electric system with battery back up.



Bill and Lois Fitts  4 Creamery Rd, Cornish



Anne's Country Store  1190 Rte 12A, Plainfield


April 16



Lee & Betsy Rybeck-Lynd 181 Bean Rd, Meriden

Ours is a roof mounted (2 separate ones) system, 5 kW total, and 2 string
inverters. The older one was installed by ReKnew energy, now out of business,
in 2007, and the newer one by Melanson in 2014. We also have the solar hot water
which heats our house and hot water, if anyone is interested. We love it!
Haven’t made a fire in about 5 days.

Bill Cable & Mary Boyle  510 St Gaudens Rd, Cornish

A 7.2KW tilting ground mount system with battery backup installed by owner in 2009 with
an electrician doing the wiring. The system consists of 36 200 Watt Evergreen panels and
three 60A Xantrex charge controllers and two 6KW Xantrex grid tie inverter and 10 KWH of
lead acid battery storage.

Jim & Sue Fitch  28 Fitch Rd, Cornish

7.65 KW roof mount string inverter
Solar Source installed 12 /2014

Jeff & Christina Plant  1038 Rte 120, Cornish

We have a stand alone system consisting of eight 220 watt pole mounted panels,
Outback MPPT- 60 Charge Controller, Trace SW Inverter/Charger and Kohler 8.5 kW
propane generator and eight Rolls deep cycle batteries. The installation was done
by Energy Emporium in 2004.

Dave & Sue Taylor  158 Freeman Rd, Plainfield


Bill Marrs   41 Churchill Dr, Cornish

It's a 4kw system (16 x 250w PV panels). It's a ground-mounted, tracking
(moves to face the sun). Basically it is the standard PV tracker system Solaflect
installs. It was installed in October 2015.

(Churchill Dr is off of Parsonage (just north, the first right from the intersection
with Townhouse, near the fairgrounds). It's a long dirt driveway that we share with a
neighbor (we're at the top, you can see the solar tracker as you drive up). I should mention
that the ground near our tracker is often muddy this time of year. So, bring boots if you want
to get close to it.)



Rick & Jeannie Hines  826 Stage Rd, Plainfield

Size (kW): 5.3 Roof Mount: 20 Suniva 260 watt PV Panels
Sunny Boy 5000TL-US-22 Multi-String Inverter (No Transformer!)
Installer: Revision Energy Installed Date: 5/21/2014

Evan & Lee Oxenham  Methodist Hill Rd, Plainfield

We have a 6.9 MW roof mounted system, installed by Energy Emporium in October, 2013.
It consists of 23 ET-Solar 300 W modules, 23 Enecsys micro-invertors and an
Enecsys gateway. We monitor the PV system using Aloaha Energy Monitor for
Enecsys Gateways and also use a "The Energy Detective" system to monitor how
much power we draw from the grid and how much power the PV system generates.

Rod & Barbara Wendt   173 Chellis Rd, Meriden

Our system is roof mount, installed by Norwich Technologies in June, 2015.
It is 21 X 320 watt SolarWorld panels, for a total of 6,720 watts. It uses
21 Solar Edge microinvertors. We have web monitoring through Solar Edge.



Beth Lum  12 Meeting House Rd, Cornish