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How do I reduce my home energy costs?

1. The first step is to assess your current heat and electric use. 

Energy calculators can be found at:

2. The second step is to identify opportunities for conservation and increased energy efficiency.  This can be done through a professional audit or through a do-it-yourself home audit.

3.  Step three involves reducing your need for heat energy and electric power by dealing with problems identified in your audit.

4. Finally, when the  conservation and efficiency changes are in place, consider upgrading to a more efficient or renewable energy system.

What kind of local, state and federal incentives are available for efficiency measures and energy systems?

Join our anti-idling campaign!

Plainfield is joining other New Hampshire towns in promoting decreased idling of cars, trucks and buses, with the goal of increasing air quality and decreasing costs to our consumers. For information on technical facts relating to vehicle use, data on cost savings and state laws see the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services' Idle Reduction Campaign.