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Over the past three to four months, there has been a buzz around town about the two new poles that sprouted on Read's Hill in order to run power to the garage and storage building built at that site. Many of us agree that these two poles interfere with a wonderful view of Mt. Ascutney and the village, a view that is rated as one of the best in the Upper Valley. This view has been mentioned in the last two Plainfield Master Plans as a cornerstone that townspeople want to preserve.

Several of us have been investigating options to have the poles removed. Town Administrator Steve Halleran has been working on the technical side of things and has talked with companies who could bore a hole under Rte 12A. I have had conversations with a couple of PSNH people to ask for their advice and assistance. We are still in the early stages of investigating options but we have a dialog going with PSNH and others to help look at solutions to remove the two poles. They have also told us that some grant monies may be available to offset the cost.

If you have an interest in working on the technical end in the removal of the poles, please contact Steve Halleran at the town offices at 603-469-3201 or by e-mail Steve's committee will look at alternatives and the cost, soliciting low or no cost solutions, and deal with the engineers from PSNH. If you are interested in the publicity and fundraising end of the project, please contact Bev Widger at 603-675-5265 or by e-mail This part of the committee will be involved in gathering signatures on a petition to PSNH, coordination of publicity and letter writing, grant writing and if we move ahead after finding out the cost of the project, help with fundraising events and the coordination of any donations.

PSNH didn't realize that the poles were still a "hot issue" in Plainfield. The first petition they received only had 24 signatures. We want to show them that we really do feel that the poles ruin a Cornerstone in Plainfield and one of the ways to do this is to gather as many signatures as possible by March 30. Petitions will be available at the following places: Plainfield Library, Meriden Library, Plainfield and Meriden Stores, Plainfield Town Offices, and here (PDF of petition you can print). You don't need to be a Plainfield resident to sign the petition - if you are concerned about the poles and how they interfere with the best view of Ascutney in the Upper Valley, then help us out - sign the petition!

Steve Halleran and Bev Widger