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Non emergencies -- Town Hall Police Office phone number: (603) 469-3344 this number will transfer to Hanover Disptach after four (4) rings. Our office is not staffed most of the time. You may leave your nonemergency message for any of our officers with the dispatcher. If you need immediate assistance, please tell this to the dispatcher. We have a duty officer available twenty four (24) hours per day.

Chief's Corner:

April 10, 2014

We have received a number of complaints about phone and email scams in our community.

  • Internal Revenue Service: It’s tax time and IRS scams are “in season.” Email or phone contacts claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service about a problem with your return. They will ask for personal information like your social security number and date of birth to “verify” your identity. BEWARE! The IRS will never contact you by phone or email unless you have initiated the contact. Go to to find out about known IRS scams.
  • American Express: Residents are receiving phone an email contacts about “a problem with your American Express account.” These contacts will also ask for personal information and are part of an identity scam.
  • Microsoft: Calls from “Microsoft” about a problem with your computer are attempts to gain access to your computer and personal information by getting you to download a program to ‘fix’ your computer. Since Microsoft has recently stopped supporting the Window’s XP operating system, we expect the number of Microsoft scams to increase.

I urge all residents to protect your personal information.

  1. Never give personal information over the phone unless you have initiated the contact. Legitimate businesses will never call you and ask you to ‘verify’ your identity or account information.
  2. Never respond to an email asking you to verify your identity by providing personal or account information, either directly or through a web page it takes you to.
  3. Never open an email attachment unless you are completely certain of its origin.
  4. Never download a file to your computer because an unknown caller has asked you to do so.
  5. You are always welcome to call Plainfield PD at 603-469-3344 if you are worried about a phone or email contact. We are here to help!

Finally, residents are receiving calls from various ‘charity’ organizations. Some are legitimate and some are not. A group called “The New England Association of Chiefs of Police” is again making calls in the area. According to the IRS Form 990 they filed in 2012, they kept over 95% of the money they raised last year for ‘fundraising and other expenses.’ As a reminder, the New Hampshire Chiefs of Police does not support or condone this type of ‘fundraising’.

I encourage all residents to be skeptical of fundraising requests from organizations you do not know. Before you give, you can go to GuideStar at and get free information about the finances and reputation of any charity or non-profit organization.

Paul Roberts, Chief

Unsolved Crimes:

Sylvia Gray
Sylvia Gray was murdered in 1982. The Plainfield Police Department is working with New Hampshire's multi-agency cold case unit as we conduct interviews up and down the east coast.

Be Aware:

  • US Postal Service Spam Alert
  • Jury Duty Scam Click here.
  • Walmart Money Order Scam Click here.
  • Mortgage and reverse mortgage scams are increasing.
  • The letters still flow from Nigeria asking for your bank account information.
Remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Never give your account data, date of birth or social security number to anyone over the phone. Anyone with questions, please contact the department.

Community Outreach:

The Plainfield Police Department is working hard to educate the community about child safety and crime prevention. For examples of our efforts, take a look at our Community Outreach page.

Press Releases and Document Archive:

For a printable version of the current and past issues of Chief's Corner, press releases or other public documents click here.

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