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Plainfield town operations follow a chain of command that begins with the registered voters of the town, who elect selectmen and town officials. The Select Board acts as the governing body, and appoints a Town Administrator to be in charge of day-to-day operations of the town and to implement their policies.

Local elected officials include the Board of Selectmen, Town Moderator, Town Treasurer, Town Clerk, Cemetery Trustees, Library Trustees, Supervisors of the Checklist, and Trustees of the Trust Funds. The Finance Committee, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment and the other committees and commissions are appointed.

Town Board minutes, Conservation Commission minutes, reports and regulations are available here.

Select Board
Chair Robert W. Taylor
RepresentativeJudy A. Belyea
Representative Ron C. Eberhardt

Selectboard Meeting Documents
The three-member Select Board is elected to staggered three-year terms. They set policy, prepare an annual budget for presentation to the Town Meeting, and follow through on votes that take place at the annual town meeting. The Selectmen meet the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Meriden Town Hall at 6:00PM. Public participation in these meetings is encouraged -- we welcome your input.

News and Notes from our Town Administrator
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Town Officials
Office Name
Moderator Paul B. Franklin
Town Clerk Michelle Marsh
Deputy Town Clerk Ruthann Wheeler
Treasurer Sarah Governo
Tax Collector Michelle Marsh
Deputy Tax Collector Ruthann Wheeler
Yield Tax Agent Judith A. Belyea
Trustee of Trust Funds Donald Garfield
Trustee of Trust Funds Jesse Stalker
Trustee of Trust Funds Ed Stansfield
Library Trustee Anita Brown
Library Trustee Nancy Liston
Library Trustee Mark Pensgen
Library Trustee Suzanne Spencer
Library Trustee Hillary Sundell
Supervisor of the Checklist Harold Jones
Supervisor of the Checklist Donald Jordan
Supervisor of the Checklist Suellen Leugers
Ballot Clerk Sarah Governo
Ballot Clerk Robin Marsh
Ballot Clerk Elizabeth Lurie
Ballot Clerk RoAnne Rogerson
Road Agent Richard Collins
Tree Warden Richard Collins
Health Officer Stephanie Schell
Community Resource Director Stephanie Schell
Emergency Management Director James McCarragher
Cemetery Trustee Jim Taylor
Cemetery Trustee Jesse Stalker
Cemetery Trustee Brad Atwater
Cemetery Sexton Jesse Stalker
Recreation DirectorDan Cantlin
Zoning/Town Administrator Stephen Halleran
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Planning Board
Office Name
Chair Jane Stephenson
Member Jeff Allbright
Member Elise Angelillo
Member Allan Ferguson
MemberDouglas Gest
Member Mike Sutherland
Member Alternate Desmond Hudson
Select Board Representative Judith Belyea
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Planning Board Meeting Documents

Zoning Board of Adjustment
Office Name
Chair Richard Colburn
Member Edward Moynihan
Member William McGonigle
Member Brad Atwater
Member Alternate Stephen Sheehan

ZBA Meeting Documents

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Conservation Commission
Office Name
Chair Myra Ferguson
Member Ron Eberhardt
Member Bill Knight
Member Judy Ptak
Member David Grobe
Member David Taylor
MemberAnne Donaghy

The Conservation Commission is established by the town under provisions of Chapter 36-A of our state statutes "...for the proper utilization and protection of the natural resources and for the protection of watershed resource of said city or town." Our conservation Commission is actively supporting the development of a Natural Resource Inventory for the Town of Plainfield and continues its work with landowners to find ways to protect some of the most essential and valuable tracts for wildlife, scenic impact, farming, and recreation.

Conservation Commission meeting minutes

Representatives to Joint Commissions
Office Name
Connecticut River Joint Commission  
Connecticut River Joint Commission Robert Kline
Mt Asctuney Subcommittee to the CRJC Edward Moynihan
Mt Asctuney Subcommittee to the CRJC Stephen Halleran
Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission Richard Winters
Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission James Taylor
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